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Perfectly-engineered vibration algorithms allow the bristles to vibrate more than 10,000 times per minute to clean every surface of your teeth. A fully-charged handpiece will last an entire month and can be recharged wirelessly (Qi-charging standard).


This unique mouthpiece which features bristles on both sides is made of antimicrobial material that inhibits bacterial growth. It is designed to clean all of your teeth simultaneously in 10 seconds using the Bass Method recommended by dentists.

Toothpaste Pods

Individual pods are simply placed into the handpiece, automatically distributing the perfect amount of toothpaste each time you brush your teeth. Pods are available in three varieties: Pearly-White, Silky-Mild and Extra-Fresh.

Charging Station

Supported perfectly on its platform, the wireless charging station (Qi-charging standard) makes recharging the Amabrush easy and convenient. It is water-resistant and features energy-saving technology for effortless charging that lasts an entire month.

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Made with a premium, anti-slip material, the Mouthpiece Holder is the perfectly-designed system for keeping your Amabrush components organized.

Each Mouthpiece Holder can store a wireless charger and two mouthpieces.
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easy use

Never squeeze and press the little tiny rest out of your toothpaste again. With just a push of a button the toothpaste will be automatically dispensed and with another press you clean all of your teeth super easy. Let your Amabrush do the annoying teeth brushing for you.

time saving

Believe it or not, we spend about 108 full days of brushing teeth in our lifetime. How about snoozing a  in the morning or enjoy reading your favorite magazine a bit longer before going to bed instead?

bass method
Bass Method

Did you know that dentists recommend using the bass method to brush your teeth? The bristles are directed at a 45° angle against the gum edge. This allows us to simulate the bass method and also take the gingival margin into account when cleaning.

time saving
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EUR 129 €149
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Let's face it: brushing your teeth is not exactly the sexiest thing on Earth. You have to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit and rinse every day of your life. Many of us hate brushing teeth so much that we avoid doing so especially in the evenings — even though we know we shouldn’t.

Brushing our teeth at least twice a day maintains good dental health. This is why we invented Amabrush: to make toothbrushing more pleasant, more automatic and faster – so you have more time for the relevant things in your life.
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asked Questions

Let us explain: an adult’s mouth contains 32 teeth, and each tooth has 3 visible surfaces to clean. So each time you brush your teeth, you have to clean 96 surfaces (3 * 32). With a regular toothbrush (manually or electrically) you should brush for at least 120 seconds. This allows you to clean each surface for just 1.25 seconds.

With Amabrush, you clean all your teeth and all surfaces simultaneously for 10 seconds. This means: every surface gets brushed 8x longer AND the total toothbrushing duration is 12x lower (10 seconds instead of 120 seconds).

Did you also know that toothpaste and their ingredients are also more effective overnight or over a day? That’s why dentists recommend not rinsing with water after brushing your teeth but keeping the left toothpaste in your mouth.

No, we only offer one size. Our current mouthpiece is suitable for adults and young people aged 14 years or older. The mouthpiece is built with a flexible antibacterial material, which adapts to its owner’s mouth.

Furthermore, we analyzed the teeth of 2.000 people and found that the differences between men’s and women’s mouths are incredibly small. Therefore slightly malpositioned teeth are also no problem as the flexible material adapts to your jaw shape.

When you bite on the mouthpiece, the bristles will be bent to their correct position and so it should work even if your teeth are not perfectly aligned.

If you have preordered from our official website, you can return your Amabrush for a refund within 14 days of receiving your order.

Unfortunately no. Amabrush uses a specially formulated toothpaste to achieve an optimal cleaning result. We created a special, liquid, toothpaste because this ensures the perfect amount of toothpaste and no clogging.